Tuesday, August 21, 2007

chapter 2

Subject – History
Chapter- 2

1. What are the different explations offered by early writers and present day historians
For the growth of Magadh Empire ?
2. On page 31 fig 2.2 is given for the fortification , why these walls were built ?
3. Fig 2.3 Lion capital is found why is the Lion capital is important today ?
4. How would you classify the people described in the text {source 7} in terms of occupation?
5. What were the possible routes from the harappan region to Omman and Mesopotamia?
6. How many seals are impressed on the piece of clay? {fig 1.22 ,pg-15}
7. What are the aspects of Harappan economy that have been reconstructed from archaeological evidence ?
8. List the items of food available to the people in Harappan cities . Identify the groups who would have provided these .
9. Would you agree that the drainage system in harappan cities indicate town planning .Give reasons for your answer.
10. Describe some of the distinctive features of Mohanjodaro.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


this is a new blog created by me today. this is an attempt to give my students an overview of Vijay Nagar.